Academic Writing Essay

Sample #1

My desire for International Associations and my own decision to carry on my education in this field is the result of my personal profound affinity for Asian studies. Majoring of all time of India, during my final year My spouse and i became specifically interested in the sphere of International Relationships and Overseas Policy of India, producing my thesis on Indian Foreign Policy during Nehru's Government and Indian-Chinese contact. Two trips to India 1997 and 1998 allowed me for being better accustomed to this country, refine my understanding of Hindi and collect one of a kind data to get my exploration. This remarkable experience confident me i had produced the right choice of study, leading me to obtain a PhD Degree in order to extend my own research in this field.

I possess so far completed two years from the PhD software at St . Petersburg Condition University. My personal dissertation aims at disclosing individuals dilemmas which continue to hinder the normalization involving the two Parts of asia, India and China, reflecting on how American indian scholars perceive these issues. Thus my study covers both Regional Research and discipline of Foreign Relations being a global community system exactly where these two countries play an important role.

My presentation of any paper about Indo-Chinese Relations in 1980s at the intercontinental conference " East Asia - St Petersburg -- Europe: inter-civilization contacts and perspectives about economic cooperation" held in St Petersburg this past year gave me a chance to meet many outstanding experts, including my referee, Putrefatta Ristaino, who have encouraged me personally to continue my studies focusing specifically upon International Relationships and Local Studies. For this reason I used and was accepted for the MA Put in International Associations and Western Studies by Central Western University in Budapest using a scholarship by Soros basis. The programs I am taking below will provide me with a appear background in theoretical problems in International Relations.

The main reason of why I are applying for an additional Master's Level is that the CEU program, despite its assumptive strength, provides very few programs directly relevant to my major interest, Local Studies and conflict resolution and peacekeeping. For this reason I would like to deepen my own practical comprehension of International Relationships and bring up it into a more focused focus on conflict analysis and quality through the system of the Carleton University.

I realize of the substantial reputation of the school as well as the excellent Master's program that you just offer on the Norman Paterson School of International Affairs. I believe it will help me with my study and job objectives either through work in diplomatic service or at an intercontinental organization wherever I will be in a position to apply my personal knowledge and skills attained through studies at your School.

Courses such as Conflict Examination, International Mediation and Resolve conflicts and International Organizations in International Affairs will be very ideal for my analyzing of the problems in the To the south Asian subcontinent and past it and will allow me to deeper understand the reasons for numerous interstate and intrastate conflicts that persist in the area. Moreover these courses will probably be of particular relevance to my career plans which can be to find employment with ESTE or a comparable institution in neuro-scientific conflict resolution and peacekeeping. The opportunity to combine theoretical studies with practical expertise in conflict examination and image resolution at the Carleton University can enable me to become a good specialist that will be able to help the common cause of peace in the world. I i am eager to turn into a professional orientalist, as I believe this field of research will always be significant in the changing world where Asian countries including India and China enjoy significant roles in the foreign arena. MUM at the Carleton University is a precious knowledge both in conditions of my personal academic and professional career. I hope you...