Ensure that the restaurant runs efficiently & profitably while maintaining reputations, excessive standards of food assistance, health & safety.

College Graduate

Excellent Sociable Skills

Good Written & Oral Sales and marketing communications

Strong Organizing & Firm Skills


Responsible for keeping Guest support as per business standard, creating sales, housekeeping, merchandising, prices & affixing your signature to.

At least Highschool Graduate

Customer Service expertise


Great listening, speaking calmly & patience.

D g

Monitor & Authorize the entrance and departure of employees, visitors & additional persons to guard against robbery maintain & security of premises.

At least Highschool Graduate

Licensure Requirements

Study course Graduate

Foodstuff runner/ Hardware

Serve the meals and beverage that customers wants.

At least Highschool Graduate

Good Oral Interaction

Customer Service Skills

Sandwich machine

Prepare sandwiches to specific order of shoppers.

At least Graduate with any Culinary Arts training

Juice Manufacturer

Prepare all types of juices for seperate order of shoppers.

At least Graduate with any Culinary Arts schooling


The Fit & Flavors is known as a Sole Proprietorship type of business because of the major reason that it will not involve most of complex processing requirements associated with other form of business set ups such as Organizations.

Here are some Pros and cons in Only Proprietorship.


● The owner is not necessary to file a separate business duty report. Instead, they will list business information and numbers within their specific tax return.

● The Business owner can be employed without having to always be formally announced as a staff. ● Control over all business decisions remains to be in the hands of the owner.


● The business owner will be held directly accountable for any loses, debts or violations from the business. The proprietor could be sued for any against the law acts commited by the personnel. ● While there are many taxes benefits, a primary drawback is usually that the owner must pay home employment income taxes. ● The business does not continue if the owner becomes departed or incapacitated since they are cured as one and the same. After the customer's death, the business enterprise is liquidated and turns into part of the personal estate. This can result in heavy tax implications on beneficiaries due to gift of money taxes and estate fees. ● Because the initial money are usually furnished by the owner, it could be difficult to make capital.

Personnel Hiring

√ Determine if the vacancy is present.

√ Make Job Information and Person Identification

√ Advertising through Social Media, Work Fair.

√ Managing the response.


√Arrange Selection interviews

√Conduct the interviews.

√Reference/Background Checks

√ Decision to Hire.

√ Present to hire.

√ Appointment Actions.

Compensation Strategy


Regular monthly Salary:

SSS Contribution per Month:

PHILHEALTH Contribution per Month:

1 ) Manager

12-15, 000 Php

581. 40 Php

375 Php

2 . Cashier

10, 000 Php

363. 35 Php

two hundred and fifty Php

3. Sandwich Machine

9, 500 Php

327 Php

225 Php

four. Beverage Developer

9, 000 Php

327 Php

240 Php

your five. Waiter

almost 8, 100 Php

290. 75 Php

two hundred Php

6th. Security Guard

almost eight, 100 Php

290. 70 Php

2 hundred Php

Employment Rights, Limitation and Guidelines

Equal Job opportunities for All

The state of hawaii shall guard labor, showcase full job, provide similar work opportunity regardless of sexuality, race, or perhaps creed; and regulate employee-employer relations.

Male and female staff are entitled to equivalent compensation pertaining to work of equal worth and to the same access to advertising and training opportunities. Splendour against female employees is usually unlawful. It is also unlawful intended for an employer to require a current condition of...