Beowulf and Ulysses Article

Donna Washington

Mrs. Carberry

English IV- sixth

September eleven, 2012

Princes Comparison and Contrast

Though epic poetry boast the qualities with their heroes, there are minor dissimilarities. In the poems Beowulf and Ulysses, they will express the journeys of two legendary heroes. Beowulf and Ulysses share commonalities, but have distinct perspectives on how they travel around and combat.

The two rulers are very faithful to their empire and their themes. Beowulf quickly " offender himself of breaking God's law” after the dragon had incinerated Geatland (708-709). He considers him self and his residents as a whole entity. If a person causes fault to his secret, then everyone, including himself is blamed. Ulysses invitations his themes to travel with him when he concludes that " is actually not inside its final stages to seek a newer world” (57). He would want to carry his people to a much better world and make them completely happy. His consideration is what makes him an epic main character in the poem. At the last moments of his lifestyle, Beowulf crowns his nephew, Wiglaf, pertaining to he is the " last of [their] faraway family” (1036). The perishing king sees that Wiglaf can lead the Geats to glory. Wiglaf is faithful to his cousin to the bitter end. The love toward their persons shows throughout the entire poem.

Although their loyalty can be strongly a similar, the way that they view their subjects is completely different. Ulysses portrays his inhabitants because " a savage race” (4). His opinion displays that he's not a popular king. Ulysses leads Ithaca poorly, as a result making poorly constructed rules. The Geats are " the wisest and most knowing” (29). Unlike Ulysses, he can a strong innovator and offers arisen successful in many battles. His kingdom is well-led. Ulysses can enjoy the " delight of battle with [his] peers” (16). Even if his subjects will be savages, by least they can be brave enough to join their particular leader in battle. This is why Ulysses will be able to live for a longer time. Beowulf's soldiers " ran for their lives, fled deep in a...