business english language Essay

Perform a SWOT research of YouTube in India

1 . Strength: the word's largest online online video community; their user-base developing rapidly(subsidiary of google An excellent profitability); user-friendly; harsh technology for copyright

2 . Weak point: local features; local cultures

3. Opportunity: growing demand for online social network and online video sharing sites in India; enter various relationships; struck handles India relevant companies and government of India 5. Threat; community competitor India Internet

Internal Advantages: The site is incredibly user-friendly and video submissions are convenient; Launching a localized Vimeo site that contained neighborhood promoted video clips, featured movies, localized user interface; Using digital harsh technology for copyrighting protection. Disadvantages User created content is not actually that well-liked or well-crafted; Copyrighted materials is prohibited to be published onto the site; Only which includes some Of india languages but not all Indian languages on the website. External Chances Expand audience content to include a larger age groups of visitors Customizing to local desire to attract more users; Entered into various partnerships with American indian TV systems and film produces that would suit the regional taste Dangers Competition from Google's social media site Orkut and local Indian portals providing local content; Local music labels in India suing YouTube Obtaining criticism from fundamentalist groupings regarding it is contents Facebook . com, Twitter, and Flickr

Measure the YouTube's progress through complicite and partnerships. YouTube has exploded by forging partnerships with various companies and providing entertainment that address the local taste and preferences of the web host county. So i think the approach will be right and successful. Assess the provider's localizing approach. Do you recommend that YouTube ”localize”when entering additional countries? YouTube India delivers users with relevant articles and a platform to share its unique and diverse culture and life-style. India...