coal sector of pakistan Essay

Coal Sector of pakistan



Pakistan has a substantial coal reserve base only Thar coal can be used to produce 40, 000 MW of Electricity for 100 years. Regional powers just like China are very much enthusiastic about the project and are ready to pour huge amounts of dollars during these projects in case the Govt. of Pakistan issues sovereign guarantee. Sector will certainly essentially help the wiping out from the difference inside the electricity shortage. It would secure the economy as oil imports are going to reduce which bring about $8 Billion of our imports. Coal could be exported to countries all over the world. Many countries are changing to coal as way of energy and this raises export opportunity for the coal export products too. The labour cost in the exploration industry is incredibly low as compared with other parts on the planet and essentially have larger profit margins. The Tax rate is nil during exploration, mine development and removal phase.


Serious deficiency of infrastructure facilities

Many federal government restrictive plans and not much help furnished by the government. Authorities not satisfying there deals.

There is absolutely no consistency in Government plan.

Low quality fossil fuel available generally

Too much capital required to draw out the fossil fuel.

Thermal strength would mean even more pollution


Expansion of one's base of Pakistan

Expansion of export base and reduction of oil imports.

Opportunity to boost lagging sectors.

Growing demand of Coal


Foreign involvement which might restrict local expansion

Restrictive procedures and crimson tapism by government

Control of reserves simply by only a few significant players

Oil Lobby becoming a very strong pressure in Pakistan.

Problem encountered by this Industry

Lack of security and safety

Pakistan's picture and personal situation is known as a deterrent to investment Pakistan's image and political circumstance is a prevention to expenditure The industry sustained a stab back in the recent years.

Not enough...