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Material assignment routing

Basic document for  routing upload with component amp; prt assignmentMaintain object attributes we use  standard  program RCPTRA01  for this uploadMaintain source structureswe have created  five structures for this uploadIts a sequential file with  idenifierIndicator-H- Routing headerIndicator-M- Routing Material assignmentIndicator-o- Routing operation assignmentIndicator-P- Software innovation inc case study PRT assignment to operationIndicator-c- Routing component assignment to operationSample header data  for referencenbsp;4) Maintain structure relation shipnbsp;H- Routing header is mapped to mr james martinez essay BI00,BI001,BIPKO,BIPFLM- Routing Material assignment is mapped to structure BIMPLO- Routing operation assignment is mapped to structure-BIPPOP- Routing PRT assignment to operation is mapped to structure- BIPFHc- Routing component assignment to operation- BIPMZnbsp;5) Maintain field mapping conversion rulesnbsp;Fields from source field  mapped to sap structuresnbsp;You need to map component material to BIPMZ-MATNR, Header material to BIPMZ- Material assignment routing number 8211; VORNRDefault values BIPMZ-BOMTYM, BOMAL-01;BOMAN-3amp; BIPMZ STLTYM,STLNNR,STLAL01It will automatically search component and assign to operationnbsp;In our scenario  PRT mapped to Miscellaneous  used for information purpose onlyBIPFH-FHMAR OSPRT Number material assignment routing mapped to BIPFH-SFHNRSample load filenbsp;6) specify files In this step, we define how the layout of the input file is. The input file is a [Tab] delimited and sequential file.

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