Essay about Flowers for Algernon

Toby Allen

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Glen Hooks

Might 13, 2013

Flowers for Algernon

The popular quote, " Where ignorance is enjoyment, tis' folly to be wise” comes from Jones Gray's poem " Psaume on a Distant Prospect of Eton College”. The meaning of is simply which a person is far more comfortable if they do not know some thing. In the case of Steve Gordon this runs specifically true since he knows very little. Charlie provides a severe mental handicap, which has been brought on by a fever he suffered with since a child, impeding his brain expansion. As a grownup he works as a janitor within a bakery due to his future uncles help. Through his associations at his workplace wonderful other associates we see just how different his life is after and before his trial and error brain surgery and will judge to get ourselves if ignorance really is enjoyment.

In the bakery exactly where Charlie works he treats many of his fellow staff who this individual believes to be his close friends. They provide him with a immense amount of attention that Charlie procedures as friendly, but in truth he is the rear end of all with their jokes. Inspite of the constant poker fun at he received from this this individual kept on smiling and getting happy. Outside of work Charley is enrolled in a reading and writing class for retarded adults under the instruction of Alice Kinnian. At first his romance with Alice is nothing more than that of students viewing a teacher who also in his mind is much more aged than himself. Through this marriage however he's introduced to two researchers who also are looking for a test subject for a great experimental surgical treatment that is thought to increase types intelligence by three times. Because seen along with his coworkers, Charley believes the particular men exist to help him and are his friends, although similar to before they just view him as a evaluation subject you can use to further their very own research and propel these to scientific prestige. His previous relationship is usually one that this individual has using a fellow test subject, a mouse named Algernon. Algernon was the first test...