Indian Ocean and Man made fiber Road Operate Essay

Even though the Indian Ocean and Man made fibre Road had been different as trade networks with respect to the propagate of Religion and the process of travel around, they were similar in terms of the spread of disease through trade.

The American indian Ocean and Silk Highway as transact networks had been different regarding the pass on of Religion. Over the Indian Marine trade network, Islam was spread. This kind of happened through Indian retailers who helped bring Brahmin priests, Arab stores who brought Muslim scholars and Christian merchants who have brought priests. Along with the Islamic religion came the your five pillars including the (1) Shahada: testimony and statement of faith, (2) Salah: prayer five times a day, (3) Zakat: charity for the poor, (4) Sawm: fasting during the month of Ramadan, and (5) hajj: Pilgrimage to Great place at least once a lifetime. In contrast, the Silk Road helped to spread Buddhism. Buddhism was initially publicized in India in 528 M. C, the moment Siddhartha Gautama (Buddha) announced his cortege. This religion was significantly successful in attracting merchants as converts, and later split up into different types; Theravada Buddhism and Mahayana Buddhism. These stores later carried Buddhism along the Silk Highway where this first established a presence in the beauty towns. Yoga was such a common religious beliefs to come to be because it provided a relieve from battling, known as Paradis, and the Several Noble Truths. This mentioned, all life is suffering, battling comes from desire, if you end desire you end suffering, and you can end desire using the Eightfold path. The Indian Marine and Man made fibre Road were different in terms of the spread of religion as trade networks because the American indian Ocean helped to propagate the religious beliefs of Islam, and the Man made fiber Road helped to spread the religious beliefs of Buddhism.

The Indian Ocean and Cotton Road since trade sites were diverse in terms of processes of travel. The Indian Ocean had a very exceptional and hassle-free way of making your way around. The people traveling along the Of india Ocean...