If you could change the one thing about your years as a child, what would it be and why? Composition


If you could change one thing about your child years, what will it possibly be and why? Kristie Garmon


There are many points that I would like I could alter about years as a child but the one thing in particular stands apart when I recall some of my childhood memories. The one thing I would alter is not to become a mom at the age of 20.

Though, at these kinds of a young age group I thought I had been ready for the obligation, I quickly found out that I in fact had not been. What I did not bank in was the diligence it would decide to use be a parent or guardian when I was only children myself. I did not take into consideration which i was as well young to achieve employment and the things I had to give up.

Most teenage girls believe that the guy will certainly stick with you and help take care of the child but they don't know that the man is too premature and not willing to settle down and offer up " hanging time” with his buddies. The girl is normally left to manage the situation; along with her parents only and pennyless. In some cases, the parents refuse to help out, so the girl is still left to deal with the situation alone. I used to be forced to give up school and stay home to care for the child, thus, departing me lonesome, broke, minus a high institution diploma. I had developed to put my own dreams upon hold and focus on raising a child. I didn't even get to attend prom or perhaps hang out with my friends, mainly because I was often broke together no babysitter. On exceptional occasions mother and father would watch and I would get to have entertaining but not like the father from the child performed. He was liberated to hang out together with his friends just about every weekend, head to prom, and graduate senior high school. I experienced this was unfair and eventually ended up being resenting him for it and i also resented me personally for permitting him to put me with this position. Yet , I noticed it wasn't only his fault and i also could have made better selections. Being a teen mother was very hard although also satisfying. I was one who reached witness all of my sons' firsts and I was the one that he...