Spanish Negotiations in Arizona Essay

OER Essay Spanish Settlements/ Mission Devices

• The The spanish language rule in Texas acquired many specifics and trends connecting to it. When the Spanish initial came to Tx and built missions, their particular only target was to convert the Texans into Catholicism, teach these people their life-style, and secret Texas. That did not last very long. If the French showed up to Arizona and began trading with the Native Americans, the Spanish wanted to get the French out since they did not want foreigners on their land. From that point on, the main reason the Spanish built missions was to bring the Natives on their aspect and keep the French out of their reach. They started sending their people to destroy french outposts and kill their particular people. The Spanish priests wanted to convert as many Native Americans as possible into Christians. Only a few Native Americans would go into the quests, the others had been too scared to leave their faith that they had been following for years. One of the developments were which the Spanish were known to build the majority of its missions near the San Antonio location because they will wanted to become near the outposts of The french language in East Texas and get Native Americans to enter their faith. • The Spanish guideline and the mission affected the Native Americans because they were being forced to change their very own long-followed faith into Christianity. The Natives were being divided up in to two groups! Many of the Native Americans did not want to change their very own religion since they were certainly not ready for a fresh lifestyle, although those who had been willing, were treated while slaves by the Spanish in the missions. A large number of Natives sneaked back into their particular tribes, since they did nothing like the fact that they can were being cured as slaves. The others kept were under the rule of the Spaniards which will caused a small division between Native Americans.

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