Sample Set of questions: Cyber Space a Threat? Dissertation

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Sexuality: ___________________________

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ABSTRACT: Social networking and its creation of being well-liked to the pupils has been a concern in different studies. The habits and the thinking towards the use of such services disclose a great evident and conspicuous impact to the pupils who's utilizing it.

DIRECTIONS: Browse the following inquiries carefully and answer because honest as is feasible.

1 . Are there an access of Internet at home? If NO please stipulate. Yes _____No _________________

installment payments on your How much of your energy you use the Online sites?

1 – 2 hours ____ two – several hrs ____ 1 hr or fewer ___ Even more then several hrs ___

3. Just how frequent you employ the Internet service?

Per day: 1 – 2x each day __3x each day __More than 3x every day __ Each week: once a week __twice a week __thrice a week __ Everyday __

4. What are your usual causes of using the Internet assistance? Research or perhaps Academic employ __Gaming __

Social Networking assistance __Chat as well as communication __

Others: _________________

5. Are you familiar with social networking?

Certainly __________No ____________

6. How did you become familiar in the social networking?

TV: __

Internet: __

Car radio: __

Designs: __

Close friends: __

Other folks: __

several. How long do you spend employing this service?

you – a couple of hrs __2 – a few hrs __1 hr or perhaps less __ More than 3 hrs __

8. How frequent do you use the assistance?

Per day: you – two times a day __3x a day __More then 3x a day __ Per week: once weekly __twice weekly __thrice every week __ Day-to-day: __

being unfaithful. What are your goals or purpose on using the service?

Interpersonal skills __

Gaining friends __

Socialization __

Expertise __

Enjoyment __

Extensions __