The Journey: Odysseus’ heroicfrail qualities Article

A hero may typically be described as a courageous individual who has the durability of a soldier and an innovator to triumph in challenges. However , a hero may also be someone who uses his mind just as much when he uses his brawn. In 'The Odyssey' by Homer, Odysseus represents the ideal individual qualities that Homer's Traditional society respect: bravery, the aristocracy and intelligence. Despite these attributes, he has a tragic flaw that brings decline and destruction over his journey fantastic men. Though at times his actions take suffering to others, the courageous and assiduous Odysseus exhibits many admirable traits.

The one and only tragic downside of the eminent epic hero is that this individual possesses too much pride. As his status stands because the distinguished warrior in the Trojan Battle, he needs much pride to support his heroic background. For example , the moment Odysseus goes out from the dreaded Cyclops along with his men, this individual shouts his name and features in win to have his legacy expand. This action presents his hubris because he jeers and boasts that he has without a doubt defeated the one-eyed huge, " Kyklops, if ever ethical man ask how you were put to waste and blinded, tell him Odysseus, raider of cities, required your eye... " (IX, 548 - 551). His insults to Polyphemus at some point brings wrong doings and catastrophic disasters in the journey to Ithaca. Odysseus lessens his heroism benefit by this because he puts his group and himself at risk, which contradicts the characteristics of a hero. He must have considered the effects and the jeopardy of revealing his true id to Kyklops.

A characteristic that plays an enormous role in Odysseus is his bravery. Throughout his journey returning to Ithaca, his bravery and swiftness save him great crew from monsters including the Cicones, the Kyklops and the Laestrygonians. His courage is definitely tested towards the extreme if he, a mere human, challenges the Kyklops, a great immortal giant, the kid of Poseidon. Even though Odysseus fights fearlessly in the whole Trojan...