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The Design of Microsoft® Support 1 . 0

1 . What factors suggest that Microsoft's PSS Division needs a more thorough and flexible way for its support offerings? Admittedly, Microsoft's support services were not as good as individuals offered by a lot of competitors. Several factors written for the nondescript nature of Microsoft services. Previous support service plan had been established at the product level. Each year, each merchandise manager agreed with PSS over the type, extent, and pricing of services to be offered to buyers along with their goods. Because Microsoft company had a hundred and fifty products, the actual result was a hodgepodge of support offerings. A lot of products got no support services, a lot of offered infinite " free" service that was seen by telephone via a " toll" number, and still other folks provided considerable telephone services " for fee". Can be, particularly those that owned and used a lot of Microsoft items, the assistance offerings had been confusing since it was hard to know which usually service was included with which product. Moreover, experienced users believed that they were paying for companies they don't need about basic applications. At the same time, that they could not obtain sophisticated support services on some of Microsoft's recently introduced brand of highly specialized advanced devices, even if these people were willing to pay extra. 2 . Based upon the guidelines that senior supervision has offered to Trish May, what product support strategy offers Microsoft envisioned? Before the PSS task power started their work in Dec 1992, Patty Stonesifer, Trish May, and key team members, along with the input of Invoice Gates, Charlie Ballmer, and Mike Maples, devised a collection of goals that had been to guide attempts and function as the basis for any technical support applications. These included:

•Microsoft technical support services ought to reinforce and enhance the top quality of Microsoft products.

Costs Gates insisted on this goal. He maintained...