Verb Tenses Essay

A. The Simple Tenses


* Add –s or –es at the end in case the subject in the sentence can be singular. * Used to tell a general truth or simple fact.

* Utilized to show habit and existing condition and explain process. * Employed in conditionals and retell testimonies.

* Accustomed to promote some thing (as in an advertisement)

Model sentences

* The earth revolves under the sunlight.

* I go to mass.

* The land is definitely worn out.

2. One guy hits another, and then Ashton, the leading man comes to the rescue. * Brand Times cleanses skin like not any other soap can.


* Verb with –d or –ed for standard verbs; action-word changed in spelling intended for irregular verbs. * Utilized to indicate a task which is true only in the past. * Found in conditional phrases to refer into a probable or supposed event * Utilized to complement various other verbs which are used in the past tense in the sentence in your essay.

Example content

* The scouts chosen to move the trip via May 5 to Might 8. 2. If you performed continue the studies, you may have been a health care provider. * I seriously thought I can sing well.

* Salvie delivered below report on behaviorism.

* Weisherlock discussed the law of effect.


2. Verb with the modal shall or will

* Accustomed to show straightforward action or condition in the future.

Example content

* She'll dance in the festival the next day.

* He may be in China and tiawan tomorrow.

* Reynalyn will bring her dog to the veterinary medical center for its regular check up. * Remie is going to collaborate with her group mates to prepare their group project. 2. Reyner will be terminated with their game activity.



5. has/have + past participle

5. Used to present an action that happened just before and is even now done up to the present. * Used to show a state penalized that was true prior to and still is up to the present. 2. Used to display an event to get finished later on.

* Utilized to show a recently determined action by making use of the adverb just, currently, or just lately.

Example sentences

* Cherry wood has worked just like a dog from the time the boss came. * She has recently been sick since Monday.

5. Once they include written the book, we can publish that.

* The project is finished already.

5. She has recently been practicing pertaining to the move competition since Saturday.


* Had + earlier participle

* Employed in a past action that came before an additional past actions. Therefore , " had” is positioned in the 1st past actions and the various other verb is merely in the basic past. 2. The expression got had is just " had + past participle of have. " f

Model sentences

2. Andy had left when the professor came up.

5. He had made me smile ahead of the class.

2. Before migrating to the U. S Carlos Bulosan acquired struggled being a farmer. 5. Sarah had taken a bath before she took her breakfast.

* Alex got reviewed the teachings when the quiz began.


2. Will have + past participle

* To exhibit a completed action ahead of that certain period.

5. Time feedback preceded simply by " by” such as simply by tomorrow, by next 10 years, or others such as 10 years from right now, a few several weeks from today, etc .

Case in point sentences

* 4 years coming from now, Bea will have been a licensed registered nurse. * By 2100, the world's human population will have recently been 9 billion. * Two years from now, he will possess finished his college degree. 5. By down the road, the disease will have infected the planet's entire inhabitants. * Over the following 50 many years, our countrywide resources may have been insufficient. IV. Oral

A mental looks like a verb but functions either as a noun, an adjective, or an adverb. It may come in term form if perhaps words happen to be added to it. There are 3 categories.

A. PARTICIPLES – These work as adjectives. They may have two forms: the present (verb with –ing) and the previous (verb with –ed, -d, -en, or perhaps –t).


The crying girl.

A concealed talent.

The talking bird.

The drunk man.


References: Made by: Remie M. Belleza