Young Parenthood Essay

The Impact of Young Parenthood

Your life throws a curve ball. Is it an obligation to deal with it or perhaps duck and ignore that? I learned at an early age that being a young mother had not been just a work but an opportunity to become a liable young adult. Being a mother at a young age offers its incentives and its downfalls. Already being a statistic as being a young mom before relationship, women are required to fail by majority of culture. Some people think a baby is actually a burden over a young individual's life, yet I believe an infant is God's opinion that life is going on. However , having a child at an early age can have a huge effect on a person's future either favorably or negatively depending upon the options you make.

My mom became pregnant with me the moment she was 20 years old. I knew i did not desire that your life for me personally once I obtained older and realized what she went through during that period. However , in January 2010, my personal daughter Akira was born. Somehow, I was two decades old and basically continue to a child me personally having a kid. While I did not plan on having a baby at an early age, I learned that becoming a young mom was not the conclusion of the world. To be able to over stand the " young mother statistics, ” I was mind-boggling myself working a full time job, currently taking 18 credit hours and trying to handle taking care of an infant baby. Sadly, trying to do all this in the past, I ended up failing out a semester because it just got too hard on me. Persons around me warned myself about accepting such great load; however it was really an spirit thing. I had fashioned plans to complete college and turn into either a restaurant or hospitality management degree; however which is not the ideal career field for the single mother. With a not consistent timetable, open supply 24 hours and high travel percentage, that soon kicked in that a hospitality career was not possible with an infant. I read an research from a book that anticipate the psychological effect it has on a child when their particular parent is definitely busy with work and school and never really...